TNI and POLRI’s brutal assault

Between the 2-3 rd September 2012 the Indonesian TNI operated together with the National Police POLRI around the hill country at Abepura, West Papua. They captured 21 OPM / TPM members. Among the captives was Dani Kogoya, OPM / TPM’s leader and two of his brothers, one named Pendimin Kogoya. When the TNI and POLRI captured the leader Dani Kogoya they beat him, among other things, on the leg with the back of the rifle butt until they broke the femur in two. They almost let him to bleed to death before the ambulance came and picked him up for transport to Bayankara hospital in Abepura. The assault by Dani Kogoya was so severe that his chances of full recovery are non-existent when the damage to the leg was so severe that doctors had to amputate the leg. The risk is that Dani Kogoya will die as a result of the injuries inflicted upon him by TNI and POLRI. His belongings were transported to Jayapuras port.

Early yesterday morning we also were informed that his two brothers were beaten so hard in the head that their skulls were cracked and as a result they lost a lot of blood. After the beating they were transported to the hospital in Abepura, where they were placed in the psyche ward.

Meanwhile TNI and POLRI personnel burned homes in a suburb to Abepura to the ground. Until this day the Indonesian police keep five of the members detained in Abepura. These individuals are: Tontinus Kogy, Mabi Jikwa, Lambertus Sief, Satlin Jikwa, Sammy Jikwa. Where the remainder of the 14 are being detained and how the health status of all these members is currently unknown.

Indonesia does not have three military sections in the TNI (Army, Navy and Air Force)! They also have a fourth, it is the national police POLRI. POLRI is supposed to act, serve and protect the civilian population. Despite this POLRI acts as the fourth section of the military and is actively involved in military operations when the rest of the world’s democratic powers distinguishes between civil and military power. How can the West Papuans be safe and able to get their legal rights secured from POLRI under such conditions?

No, all relatives and Papuan countrymen, inform yourself of what the military and the police are doing with our fellow citizens and report and send out all the information you can to the world. We will write and report as much as we can.

J.H Prai